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space crammed with possibilities

space crammed with possibilities

It's a big day for space!

I have and do still love my cozy 'studio-area' at home. It's only that there are a few (and growing list of) projects gnawing at me whose parts would not fit in the 'area' or would make a less than cozy mess.

Keeping a studio elsewhere seems a waste because I spend so many days of the year taking my markers around our fabulous planet. They have a wanderlust I share and enjoy. But...

The projects that gnaw and nag have been growing in volume and they're kind of itchy. They need space and I won't complain about having more space for making...so...here we are.


I'll move into the big space next month and get to work on the expanding list of nagging projects.

Madison's hug has been one of my favorite inspirations and I just know that it's going to be as groovy as I imagine once it's built and given to her. 

The hug has been itching the loudest so once I'm moved in it will be first project on my list.

The hug's beginnings...

Then the hug stalls... 

Back to the hug...

still packing

still packing

flickers and flame to inferno

flickers and flame to inferno