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sketchbook project has a title

sketchbook project has a title

Thanks to the title, I'm going to make the deadline.

I delight in drawings that are layered and detailed and reveal something new on repeat viewings.

I've taken the challenge it to fill a sketchbook that will sit on the shelf of an enormous art library full of fabulous sketchbooks.

My instinct is to mix my delight with the challenge to fill the sketchbook. To do this mixture justice, I thought I should take some time to plan out some of these layers before marking any page. It could be one story or many. The planning for the pages could be on the pages of the sketchbook.

I carried the blank sketchbook around for months. I wanted the planning time to come first, only, it didn't. Wouldn't.

I thought of just dropping the project because the planning time wouldn't, and the ideas didn't and it was easy to assume I couldn't.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the great hall of musings in my head, I was tossing around ideas for the sketchbook's title. I chose 'Encyclopedia of' when I signed up for my sketchbook. Now to fill in the encyclopedia of 'what?'.

Finally, in the great hall of musing, I called a meeting between the planning time that wouldn't, the ideas that didn't, and encyclopedia of blah blah blah'. Everyone argued their position, mostly for form, and mostly all at the same time. Such a racket!

In the end the title won. With volume, persistence or bribery, I'm not certain, but the title won.

This sketchbook will be titled 'Encyclopedia of No Particular Stream of unConsciousness'. Maybe the title seems weak and too easy and too wide open. However 'too' it may be I am content. For now.

The layering has begun and the deadline will be met.

then appears the oracle

then appears the oracle

winter's art inspiring

winter's art inspiring