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scribbling large

scribbling large

Wish for a bigger canvas and see what happens! Working big isn't new but a couple of recent projects turned out especially well.

Social Enterprise Conference

The first was for the Social Enterprise Conference organized by the students of the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. This was my second trip to the conference and I was excited to return. The students organize a fantastic conference with great speakers and lots of interesting workshops.

My role this year was to scan the output of the various sessions, panel discussions and workshops, pick out the highlights and turn them into a groovy visual.

My main source for content was the conference participant's Twitter traffic. Tweet and reTweet told me what ideas people cared about most. My other source of info, fabulous teammates Sita Magnuson, Kelvy Bird and Jodi Engelberg. Together we represented The Value Web as process designers, facilitators and graphic facilitators.

Sita wrote a great blog post about our work at the conference for The Value Web site. There is a flickr gallery of images that includes all the art we created during the conference.

After some quality time with photoshop my finished wall is polished and shiny which equals legible and spell-checked. It's even found a fab spot on the SECON facebook page. So groovy!

link to the large image is a big file but you can see all the detail

three days of analytics

The second canvas rolled along in San Francisco during Data Driven Business Week. Event sponsor, SAS, wanted to try something besides the usual exhibit booth so out came the Moving Walls and the markers.

Once the walls were arrange in the booth area I felt like they wanted a large and colorful image to catch the eye from a distance and invite participants to find out what was going on with all the art. The mosaic did all those things.

sketchbook projects

sketchbook projects

art for gender parity

art for gender parity