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farewell face

A few fun and productive days in Dubai for the YPO Edge 2016 Conference. Another interesting and challenging project with a favorite collaborator, Sophia Liang

There were two other graphic recorders on our team, new friends Alece Birnbach and Bug Fawcett, who are delightful and so talented. The four of us made up a groovy, happy team.

For two days we 4 graphic recorders captured presentations, panel discussions and conversations. 

Then there was the Collaboration Wall. The big 8' x 20' wall started with some rolled-on blocks of color and a very tall face, a container for the content to come. 

We interviewed participants, gathering their insights and observations. Those impressions were translated into fun illustrations on the big wall. 

A few of my favorite scribbles answered the question, 'which Edge speaker impacted your thinking and why?'

The participants visited the Collaboration wall in waves as the conference progressed. We would suddenly be surrounded by people, their devices in the camera position. 

The art was captured all over the venue and then displayed together to become a part of each person's memory of the event. We are always delighted to see anyone taking photos of the art from sessions they enjoyed or want to remember. 

All at once it seemed the wall was filled and the conference winding up. It was time to bid farewell which is never without a little pang after all that goes into our creations. 

Thanks to Bug I have a bittersweet photo with a tall bit of my creation. I don't think the tiny tear in my eye shows at all...not hardly at all...farewell face. 

a brain for then and later

a brain for then and later

invitation to collaboration

invitation to collaboration