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simple studio surfaces

simple studio surfaces

With plenty of work to be doing my mind wonders off to...how do I get low-cost-super-sized-dry-erase-surface for the Studio Area HQ?

The answer seems to be a 48"x96"x .25" sheet of acrylic. I'm trying out a few smaller sheets to see how well the surface takes and releases the dry erase ink.

There are still some questions to answer...

Will the acrylic stain if some inks are left on for awhile? Do I care?

Will the acrylic scratch very easily? Does that matter?

Would light sanding help the paint to adhere more evenly on the reverse side of the sheet? I'll find out.

Will the .25" sheet be stable enough without a frame or support? A floppy surface wouldn't be groovy, but I could do without the extra weight. 

What happens if I paint the reverse side with magnetic paint? Worth a try.

Will just one surface be enough? Multiple, ongoing projects would appreciate their own surface. Not so low cost after all?

Would the same solution work for the horizontal surfaces too? Work table? Counters? The scratchable question may matter more in this case.

So many things to wonder...


The Neuland whiteboard inks vote 'yes'. They like the acrylic board just fine.

I like how the silver and white paint swirled onto the back of the board adds a happy, loopy feel to the surface. The reflective acrylic also reminded me that it's going to be a pain to photograph without seeing every point of light in the studio...so there's that too. Yippee!

studio adapting to 'for now'

studio adapting to 'for now'