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marker mashup

After 16+ years of practicing graphic facilitation there are a handful of things that keep me traveling and drawing. Not at the top of the list but written in bold, bright colors and probably a silly sort of font is ART SUPPLIES!

While some favorite marker makers provide new and fun (and useful) products, some mostly stick to what's been working all along, thank you Expo markers.

Still, when you're drawing for a crowd and writing big for the back row the usual marker just won't do.

As innumerable conversations signify there are a crowd of us, the listeners, who are always wishing for a better marker, a bigger mark, better color, more colors, refillable, travel-friendly, non-smelly, etc.

No one marker maker has checked off that entire list so instead we, the listeners, become engineers, chemists, inventors. What if we fill an empty Montana marker with Neuland ink? Thank you, Kelvy Bird.

After all, the Montana markers have some groovy wide nibs. The Neuland whiteboard ink comes in a great palette of colors, even gray. The Neuland ink loves the material of the Montana nibs.

I'm curious about the difference in materials making up the Montana and Neuland nibs. The whiteboard ink declares they are different.

The Montana/Neuland mashup may not be a perfect solution, but it is a very groovy solution and makes a gorgeous, wide mark.

What's your favorite marker or mashup?

DIY Nomad system

DIY Nomad system

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back to two very groovy drawing boards