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a gelli plate and an art supply list

a gelli plate and an art supply list

One of my favorite things about art books, art tools, workshops and similar is the supply list. I appreciate knowing what supplies artists are using, how they are using them and why.

The art supplies/tools that may accompany the gelli plate are endless, and though my preferences will be flighty and fickle I want to share the what and why of my favorite supplies... as of today.

After pages and pages of monoprints peeled from the gelli plate I'm preferring a palette knife, golden open acrylics, stamps and mulberry paper or translucent vellum.

palette knife - My favorite tool for applying paint to the plate is a palette knife. It makes a happy companion to the brayer. I like the knife's shape and flexibility. I'm using a few different knives and being careful to not ding the gelli with the metal edges.

Stamps (1)

golden open acrylics - I've only used golden open acrylics with the gelli plate. Doesn't qualify as a preference, I know. Brilliant, translucent colors spread in the thinnest layers with the palette knife–stunning.

stamps - A stack of new stamps carved just for the gelli plate has left a crumbly mess in my studio-area. I'm partial to the three circles stamp that resembles a favorite mouse. 

surface - My favorite prints are on unbleached mulberry paper or vellum. Both surfaces seem to take the best advantage of the thin layers of colors. The prints glow.

and a dash of serendipity - When I print on vellum or tracing paper the surface doesn't make a complete, smooth contact with the gelli plate. The result is brights spots that didn't meet the paint. I love the serendipitous starry effect.

Using rubber cement in my journal was little dash of 'duh!'. When no other adhesive will work without wrinkling, curling or shrinking the tracing paper or vellum, read the paper cement can sitting right in front of you.

And now that I've finished explaining myself I'm feeling ready to try something new. Do you have a favorite brush, paint or tool to apply paint or leave a mark on your gelli plate? Please share. What's on your supply list?

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