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just in time for halloween

just in time for halloween

The gross and ridiculous to follow. Been warned.

To be true to me and share what's true it might be cool and edgy and far out to draw what's under the bandage. But to look at the gaping hole (yes, slightly exaggerated) I have to ignore the woozy and threatening rumble going on in my guts. Eeewww!

I don't draw fast enough. The woozy would win.

On the list for halloween, oozing, gaping and woozy guts. Check. Check. And check.

Sitting behind the flowery curtain having the woozy gaping treated by a professional, I get to hear the whispers of other professionals talking about somebody's something that's only holding on by just this much skin.

Hello! I'm sitting right here. Please!!

More halloween standards checked off the list. Barely attached parts, whispered and barely intelligible speculations about said parts, imagination way way out of control. Triple check.

A cackle or bloodcurdling scream would not have seemed over the top. I was kind of expecting it from 'part barely attached' guy.

Just for halloween, what's happening under the bra strap should be the beginnings of a third arm or a second head.

Costume. Check.

So I don't have the guts or apparently too much rumbly guts to draw the far out and gross. At least not when it's attached to me. I got the colors right though. Definitely the colors of woozy.

All this said, when I see my sister tomorrow the bandage is coming off. 

"Got a gaping wound. Want to see it? Too bad"

She's doomed.

she finds a way

she finds a way

drawing the everyday

drawing the everyday