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flickers and flame to inferno

flickers and flame to inferno

Drawing on my mental ramblings takes my pencil adventuring. A good practice all around. A fine installment in the Illustrate-whatever-journaling-exercise. Please continue...

Ideas flit past. Some linger and flicker, on...off. Fireflies. Some linger and light. Fireflies in a jar?

More than a few flame up hot and bright. Exciting. Yes, let's do that.

When did it fade out? When was I not looking? Was I sleeping?

Some burn on and on. Some go cold. Vanish. They're still there.

They catch again.

I never learned to bank a fire.

Which survive? Who chooses? Which me chooses?

With so many fires burning how do I choose which to feed? Not enough arms to feed them all. 

Extinguish the circus? Never is my wish.

Save the fuel for the me I can find. Flames will burn as they will. 

At least I'll stay warm. 

space crammed with possibilities

space crammed with possibilities

illustrate whatever

illustrate whatever